Welcome to TinyTwitch!

What is TinyTwitch?

TinyTwitch is a project created with the goal to create a less taxing website to watch your favourite TwitchTV streamers on!

How do you use TinyTwitch?

To visit your favourite Twitch streamers on TinyTwitch, simply browse to tinytwit.ch/streamname! (e.g. tinytwit.ch/dussed for watching the user Dussed)

Are we affiliated with TwitchTV?

Nope! We have no connection with TwitchTV/JustinTV at all. All of their material is copyrighted to them.

Will there be any more features coming?

Yes! We will be working to improve TinyTwitch constantly and have plans for customisation in the future.

Can I suggest a feature?

Sure! There's no harm in throwing ideas around, you can get in contact with us via twitter.